The Metis Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports innovative medical research within the U.S. military. Established in 2014, Metis provides military medical researchers with a complete array of proposal development and award management services designed to secure funding and foster innovative research of specific relevance to the military community. The Metis Foundation serves as a partner with military researchers supporting the conduct of research programs at medical facilities and government laboratories.

Metis has specialized capabilities in supporting federally-funded research, conducting FDA-regulated clinical trials, and hosting conferences and events.

Metis provides comprehensive and tailored support to researchers engaged in federal grants, federal contracts, and clinical trials. Our services include conducting targeted funding searches; managing proposal preparation and submission; compiling all ancillary items and supporting materials; developing the grant budget; providing a technical and final review of the full proposal; and submitting the proposal under Metis’ signatory authority. Upon award, Metis facilitates contract negotiation and accepts the award on behalf of the researcher.

Metis manages federally funded and industry funded research programs worldwide. Metis works with the research team to recruit and hire qualified personnel; administer individual study budgets; provide monthly financial reporting; ensure regulatory compliance; provide in-house travel and procurement services; submit required reports to sponsors; and initiate and monitor subcontracts. The Metis Foundation also provides an array of post-award services designed to maintain compliance with the research award while meeting the agreed-upon timelines for achieving the research objectives. These services include preparation of financial and other non-scientific reports to sponsors, monitoring for compliance with sponsor and military site requirements, coordinating award documentation and approval processes with the PI and research personnel, handling external and regulatory audits, and answering questions and providing information to sponsors and Metis research personnel in a prompt and accurate fashion. The Metis Foundation performs these duties and responsibilities in order to ensure appropriate spending of federal funds, maintain good relations with sponsors and military researchers, and to be viewed by military researchers as facilitating the progress of the research project.

Awards to intramural organizations are executed via a Military Interdepartmental Purchase. Request (MIPR) or a Funding Authorization Document (FAD) for the site to administer the research funding. Intramural funds are subject to fiscal year limitations and must be obligated against procurement instruments, such as contracts, and prior to their expiration. Metis has approved mechanisms to receive these obligations, including a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with the Natick Contracting Division. Metis can also provide a detailed cost estimate and technical proposal upon receipt of a Request for Proposal (RFP) outlining service requirements.

Metis currently holds a master Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Army, which is the US Army’s preferred contract vehicle to transfer technology. A CRADA provides opportunities for Army investigators to collaborate with scientists in industry and academia to attain a common research goal and allow Army scientists to better understand the technology needs of the commercial sector and facilitate a reverse flow of ideas, resources, and funds into the laboratories that are the linchpins of the Army' s technology transfer program. A CRADA also provides the partner with an option to exclusively license inventions made by the Army investigator under the agreement. The purpose of a CRADA is to make government facilities, intellectual property, and scientific expertise available for collaborative interactions in the joint pursuit of common research goals between government entities and non-federal research partners. Metis has a master CRADA with the U.S. Army and routinely negotiates and executes single use CRADAs with our collaborators.

Metis has a demonstrated ability to efficiently recruit and retain highly skilled, seasoned medical and technical personnel worldwide. Metis strives to ensure employee retention by offering a competitive benefits package. Each employee is assigned a Corporate manager who is responsible for providing guidance and support in the development and execution of high caliber research programs.

Quality Assurance

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Publications and OPSEC

Human Subjects Research

Clinical Research Division and Nurses

Records-Based Research, DoD Data Systems

Clinical Trials

Credentialing for Animal and Human Subjects Research

Budget Development: Material Transfer Agreement, Cooperative and Development Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements

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Comparative Pathology

Considering researching with the DoD? As you can see, there are many intricacies involved with being a DoD researcher that are important for researchers to know before attempting grants. We at the Metis Foundation want to ensure that we do our best possible to keep you informed and able to complete any task involved in this process. Read about these requirements and how we can help in our Guide to Becoming a DoD Researcher.