About the Lab

The U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research Burn Resuscitation Research Laboratory studies life-threatening burns, with a special emphasis on enabling low-volume fluid resuscitation through pharmacological therapies, alternative resuscitation fluids, and other novel resuscitation strategies. The lab receives funding from the Military Burn Research Program, the Combat Casualty Care Research Program, and the Medical Simulation and Information Sciences Research Program. When they aren’t working on burns, the lab assists with hemorrhagic shock resuscitation research with an emphasis on developing and testing automated medical technologies.

Dr. Evan Ross, MD – Principal Investigator
Dr. Ross is the principal investigator of the USAISR Burn Resuscitation Research Laboratory within the Organ Support and Automation Technologies Group at the USAISR. Dr. Ross received his MD from UT Southwestern in 2014, completed an NIH T32 fellowship in Burn Research at UTMB in 2019, then joined the USAISR staff as a full-time researcher in burn resuscitation. Dr. Ross’s research interests focus on resuscitation for critical injury, with a special emphasis on automation, pharmacological modulation of the response to burn, and bioenergetics.

Dr. Tina Rodgers, PhD – ORISE Post-Doctoral Fellow
Dr. Tina Rodgers, PhD is an ORISE post-doctoral fellow who joined the lab in 2023. She graduated from UTSA in 2021 with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.

Kassi McLaughlin, Laura Arellano, Leo Frias – Senior Biomedical Research Associates
The senior biomedical research associates are all experienced veterinary technicians who specialize in translational medical research. They support the lab by performing procedures, surgeries, and ensuring animal welfare.