Our Mission is to maximize restoration of wounded warriors using advanced techniques in reconstruction and research in composite tissue regeneration.


The RESTOR Program has a history of success in discovering and developing novel techniques and therapies that could change the paradigm of wounded warrior care.


Donate now to provide patient assistance, opportunities for scientific collaboration and to help make San Antonio a Center of Excellence in Wounded Warrior Care.


Holistic restoration of complex devastating battlefield injuries with rapidly advancing and proven technologies and therapies that renew, regenerate, repair, reconstruct, and recreate human form and function.


The Restorative Endeavor for Service members Through Optimization of Reconstruction (RESTOR™) Research Program at the 59th MDW ST was initially conceived in 2011 and formally established in 2013. RESTOR™is a pioneering attempt at changing this traditional role of DOD research to serve DOD investigators and beneficiaries. RESTOR™ identifies critical capability gaps and addresses mission-critical research needs by facilitating robust, convergent research and partnership between military subject matter experts/investigators and civilian clinician-scientists and academia.

Such convergence of military and civilian programs is leveraged by RESTOR’s commitment to the development and delivery of novel therapies and strategies for far-forward medical care to minimize morbidity, improve survival, enhance performance and maximize recovery after disabling or life-threatening combat trauma. options have been exhausted.

Since its inception, RESTOR™ has expanded into a paradigm – shifting program that enables seamless transition of innovation to clinical implementation of conventional and cutting-edge reconstructive, regenerative, restorative, rehabilitative techniques, therapies, technologies and tools to serve our wounded warriors.


Establish a formal mechanism through which the breadth of combat casualty care and wound healing possibilities can be exploited at the most advanced research level and optimize clinical outcomes after injury or disability for soldiers and civilians.

Identify and facilitate a network of successful partnerships and collaborations between clinician scientists, academia, institutions, industry and DOD entities to improve and exploit the most viable technologies, therapies and techniques while adhering to standardized operating principles, regulatory, reporting and policy guidelines.

Implement a rigorous process to expedite transition of innovative therapies from extramural academia and industry to the veteran and military medical community.

Generate a viable pipeline of military scientists, clinicians and young intellect in the fields of regenerative, restorative, reconstructive, human performance, integrative clinical medicine, and allied specialties by providing an ideal, multidisciplinary training environment that encourages and sustains a coordinated research training experience.


  • Vascularized Composite Allo- and auto- transplant (VCA) research developing translational models for reconstructive transplantation
    Donor Tissue Specific Immunomodulation research to obviate the need for chronic toxic immunosuppression in service members who are candidates for VCA
  • Tissue preservation therapeutics and technologies for ischemia reperfusion injury prevention, treatment, neuroregeneration support and anti-inflammatory action
  • Clinical Vascularized Composite Allo- and Auto- transplantation reconstructing and re-functionalizing service members through Auto- and Allo- transplantation
  • Regenerative Medicine combining biologic scaffolds, adult stem cells and growth factors to produce high quality composite replacement tissues in bone, nerve and composite tissue
  • Body-integrated/implantable, skin-based or garment-embedded low profile, smart biosensors for real-time telecapable diagnostics and sophisticated sensing/autonomous analysis of DE/RF input/exposure, and physiologic and pathologic response surrogates to direct targeted interventions
  • Nanomedicine platforms as carriers for therapeutics
  • Limb optimization
  • Human performance
  • Chronic Pain Management


  • Carole Villamaria, MD, Major, USAF, MC
  • Robert Houston, MD, CPT, USA, MC
  • Devin Watson, MD, Capt, USAF, MC
  • Kyle Sokol, MD, CPT, USA, MC
  • Sahar Leazar, MD
  • Megan Burgess, MD, Major, USAF, MC
  • Surg. Lt. Cdr. Charles Anton Fries, MRCS, British Royal Navy
  • Sharon Lawson, MD. UTHSCSA General Surgery
  • Lin Wang, MD, CPT, USA, MC
  • Renford Cindass, MD, CPT, USA, MC
  • Kevin Wu, MD
  • Samuel Tahk, MD, CPT, USA, MC
  • Nicholas Robbins, DO, UTHSCSA General Surgery
  • Matthew Wordsworth, MRCS, Major, Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Michael Sippel, MD, UTHSCSA General Surgery
  • Jaclyn Yracheta, MD, UTHSCSA General Surgery
  • Mallory Wampler, MD, UTHSCSA General Surgery


  • J Bradley Aust Society 2019
    2nd Place Basic Science- Michael Sippel, MD
  • J Bradley Aust Society 2019
    3rd Place Basic Science- Jaclyn Yracheta, MD
  • J Bradley Aust Society 2018
    3rd Place Basic Science- Nicholas Robbins, DO
  • San Antonio Military Health System & Universities Research Forum (SURF) 2017
    2nd Place Poster Competition- CPT Samuel Tahk, MD
  • J Bradley Aust Society 2017
    2nd Place Basic Science- Nicholas Robbins, DO
  • San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium (SAUSHEC) Research Day 2017
    3rd Place Podium-CPT Samuel Tahk, MD
  • Society of Military Surgeons 2017
    Paul Myers Award in Basic Science (1st Place)-Nicholas Robbins, DO
  • American Association of Plastic Surgeons 96th Annual Meeting
    2nd Place AAPS Resident Poster Competition-Kevin Wu, MD
  • American Burn Association 49th Annual Meeting
    Best in Category Poster-Wounds Clinical Category-CPT Samuel Tahk
  • J Bradley Aust Society 2016
    1st Place Basic Science-Sharon D. Lawson, MD
  • Society of Military Surgeons 2016
    COL Jeff Kavolius Award in Basic Science-CPT Renford Cindass, MD
  • J Bradley Aust Society 2015
    1st Place Basic Science-Sharon D. Lawson, MD
  • Society of Military Surgeons 2015
    COL Jeff Kavolius Award in Basic Science-Sharon D. Lawson, MD
  • ORISE Incentive Award
    Sharon D. Lawson, MD
  • Colt Foundation Research Prize Award 2014, The Royal Society of Medicine, London
    Finalist – Surg Lt Cdr C A Fries MA MRCS British Royal Navy
  • Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons 2014
    Cronin Award – Megan Burgess, MD, Major, USAF, MC
  • Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland/Association of Trauma and Military Surgery 2014
    The Wiseman Medal- Surg Lt Cdr Charles Anton Fries, British Royal Navy
  • J Bradley Aust Society 2013
    1st Place Basic Science- Carole Villamaria, Major, USAF, MC
  • Military Health Systems Research Symposium 2013
    Honorable Mention Poster- Carole Villamaria, Major, USAF, MC
  • J Bradley Aust Society 2012
    2nd Place Basic Science- Carole Villamaria, Major, USAF, MC
  • Society of Air Force Clinical Surgeons 2012
    Paul W. Myers Award for Excellence in Resident Research- Carole Villamaria, Major, USAF, MC
  • Peripheral Vascular Surgery Society- Society of Military Vascular Surgeons 2012
    Norman Rich Award- Carole Villamaria, Major, USAF, MC


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