Program Mission

The mission of this program is to restore skin function after its loss as a result of burn, trauma, or surgery. Traditional skin replacement options incur donor morbidity and rarely restore beyond a barrier function.

The QSCARR program consists of clinicians and scientists who work together with the focus of improving acute burn and complex wound outcomes with the following two main objectives:

  1. Novel skin replacement technologies using skin elements that minimize donor sites while maximizing outcomes.
  2. Novel biomaterials that facilitate skin regeneration.

Program Capabilities:

QSCARR Program has translational laboratory capabilities that bridge the gap between basic research discoveries and their application in clinical settings. QSCARR researchers are able to translate scientific findings into practical applications that can benefit patients and improve healthcare outcomes. The lab is equipped with basic science, pre-clinical, clinical research capabilities and it provides educational and training resources to disseminate knowledge and best practices.