The Metis Foundation Data Coordinating Center (DCC) in San Antonio TX collaborates with the Department of Defense and clinical investigators in the U.S., and Canada to implement, coordinate, and monitor multicenter clinical studies.  A unique strength of the Metis Foundation DCC is its proven ability work with a variety of partners to their custom needs.  

The Metis Foundation DCC supports investigative teams with:

  • Biostatistical expertise and guidance during study design, implementation and final analysis

  • Informatics expertise to optimize data collection efforts with effective data retrieval

  • Remote and on-site monitoring of clinical data and regulatory compliance

  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliant electronic study specific data capture tools

  • Site training and coordination of enrollment and study conduct with centralized oversight

  • Report preparation for governing and oversight bodies & funding agencies

  • Facilitation of communication among researchers and oversight agencies

  • Standardization and quality control measures for data integrity across sites