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Richard Ma, MD

Board member

Dr. Richard Ma is a dedicated member of the Metis Foundation’s board. As a primary care physician deeply involved in the healthcare sector, he brings a wealth of knowledge about current and future trends in medicine. Dr. Ma began his academic journey with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned his medical degree at the University of Hawaii. He completed his residency in Primary Care Internal Medicine at Harvard Medical School – Cambridge Hospital.

In addition to his role at the Metis Foundation, Dr. Ma serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Tewksbury State Hospital. He has previously held important positions, such as Chief Hospitalist at Lowell General Hospital and Director of Hospital at Saints Medical Center and Kadlec Medical Center. Dr. Ma has focused his research on the structural study of peptides and proteins, and he has received honors such as Most Compassionate Physician, Best Nursing Advocate, and Excellence in Hospital Medicine.

Dr. Richard Ma’s extensive experience and leadership have played a pivotal role in the success and growth of the Metis Foundation. His deep understanding of the healthcare field greatly contributes to the foundation’s mission.