The Metis Foundation is a 501c(3) specifically organized to advance clinically relevant scientific research to the medical community, especially within the US Department of Defense. We provide scientific, educational, financial and project management support in the conduct of federally and privately sponsored research, clinical trials and education.

We Provide:

  • Programmatic (financial and project management) support to the military medical research community for extramural awards.
  • Programmatic support to the military medical research community for time-limited intramural awards.
  • Programmatic support and ability to grant sub-awards to the military medical research community to conduct multi-center pre-clinical and clinical studies.

We Facilitate:

  • Research meetings and collaborations that bring together like minded individuals, focused groups that consists of clinicians and scientists, academic institutions, industry and government researchers.
  • Fundraising efforts to provide seed grants to young DoD researchers studying DoD relevant medical research.

We Support:

  • Educational programs to DoD personnel to advance their medical knowledge in order to execute their mission.
  • New initiatives to facilitate patient-centered care and advance medical research by providing funding.